Unveiling The Art Of Designing Custom Frozen Food Packaging

The food industry is one of the most highly grossing industries in the world. Frozen foods have great popularity among people due to the meal preparation convenience they provide them. In the chilled food market, there are several types of food items that belong to different food categories. Consequently, these products are of a delicate nature and need extensive protection from internal and external damaging factors. That’s why their professional and durable packaging solutions are a need for food brands. Renowned brands create custom frozen food packaging boxes that provides the required protection for these delicate edibles and attracts their target customers to the product.

Packaging Types For Frozen Eatables

Frozen edibles come in different types of packaging, such as:

  • Wax Coated Cardboard
  • Glass (bottle)
  • Flexible bags
  • Lidding films
  • Shrink film
  • Aluminum (foil)
  • IQF polyethylene
  • High barrier thermoforming film

Cardboard and corrugated fiberboard are popular food box creating options for brands that ensure the safety of the products in a cold place like a refrigerator or freezer. In addition, frozen food products come in different varieties and forms that are mentioned below this line:

Some Types Of Chilled Food Items

There is a large variety of frozen foods that are encased or wrapped in various packaging types according to their nature and qualities. Below are some of the most popular and highly sold frozen food items in the consumer market:

  • Frozen Sea Food
  • Frozen Ready Meals
  • Frozen White Meat (Fish)
  • Frozen Red Meat (Veal)
  • Frozen Fast Foods (Pizza)
  • Frozen Vegetables (Potato)
  • Frozen Fuites (Apple)
  • Frozen Green Beans
  • Frozen Bakery Items
  • Frozen Ice Pops
  • And many other edibles

Guide To Create Professional Frozen Food Box Packaging

All the food items have specific natures that demand special packaging boxes. So, creating quality custom frozen food boxes is essential for brands to wrap/embox their fragile products. Here are key ways to create premium-quality packaging boxes for frozen foods:

1- Food Grade Material Choice

Choosing the right material is essential for brands to package their products with full protection. If you are a retail food brand, then you must choose highly durable as well as food-grade material to ensure the entire safety of the product from internal and external harmful factors. Furthermore, these damaging factors include environmental factors such as dust, moisture, sunshine, and heat that can spoil the product and change the product’s taste.

For designing perfectly secured custom frozen food boxes wholesale packaging, paper stocks are the best option. Cardboard and corrugated fiberboard are the best choice for packaging frozen edibles. However, due to moisture in the freezer, wax-coated cardboard protects the delicate products. In addition, these materials protect the food products and keep them tasty and fresh. They can withstand the cold temperature of the refrigerators and enhance the life of the product.

2- Customize As Per Your Needs

You can design frozen food packaging boxes according to your design ideas, product nature, quality, form, weight, shape, and attributes. For instance, if your product is small and low in weight, then you can customize the frozen food box accordingly. You are free to choose the suitable color, theme design, printing of details, and finishes as per your own design ideas.

3- Minimal Box Design Approach

Simplicity is a key to making your product boxes professional and attractive to onlookers. If you want to design professional and custom frozen food packaging, then you must use a simple design approach. Consequently, the main reason behind this is that people don’t prefer to purchase those products that are packed in ugly-looking and unprofessionally designed boxes. So, to satisfy your customers with your products, use a simple design with suitable colors with the right theme design matching your brand’s logo.

4- Information Printing On Boxes

All the branded food products have essential details printed on their boxes. To create professional frozen food packaging for your brand, print the food box with essential details about your product and the brand for your customers’ education. However, you can print these details that make your products trustable for your target buyers in the competitive retail frozen food market:

  • Brand and product name
  • Brand’s logo and storyline
  • Product use directions
  • Product storage directions
  • Required temperature
  • Guidelines to prepare the product
  • Promotional details and offers
  • Warnings and cautions
  • FDA license information
  • Nutrition details of the product
  • And many other products

You can create printed frozen boxes as per the above details and outshine your products in the crowd of many other products.

6- Ad Insulation To The Food Box

You can add insulations to custom food boxes for frozen items that keep them safe, fresh, and tasteful during storage, handling, and shipping. If you want to deliver chilled food products to any distance, you can deliver them with mind serenity by creating top-quality custom packaging for frozen foods with cardstocks. Consequently, for that purpose, you can do any external research to find the right supplier of custom boxes in the USA.


Lastly, custom frozen food packaging is the best way to protect your delicate edibles in the cold place (freezer), attract customers to your brand, and urge them to buy the product instantly. By creating customized packaging for frozen food items, you can bravely satisfy your target customers and compete with your rival food brands.


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