What advice is there for allergy sufferers?

With house dust allergy sufferers, you should prefer washable, synthetic blankets. Furthermore, is bed bugs contagious you should keep the bedroom dust-free and remove the mites from the mattress, for example, with an ultrasonic mattress cleaner.

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Which manufacturers and brands offer duvets?

Manufacturers such as Billerbeck, Irisette, Frankenstolz, Badenia, Wendre, Sleeping, Diluma, and Cotonea have received good reviews in comparison.

Where can I buy duvets?

In bed houses, furniture and furnishing stores you will find duvets, whereby the offer on the Internet is much larger and more diverse.

How often should a duvet be cleaned?

For normal use and without allergies, a basic cleaning in your own washing machine or laundromat once a year is sufficient.

How much does a duvet cost?

You can get simple blankets for as little as 30 euros, whereby high-quality blankets can quickly cost between 100 and 200 euros.

What materials is the Paradies Prima duvet made of?

This duvet from The House of Paradise is made of natural materials. The cover is made of organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation, the filling is made of textile fibers. In addition, the duvet is washable at 60 °C and suitable for tumble drying.

Up to what temperature is the dormice 4-season duvet washable?

This duvet from Siebenschläfer can be washed up to 95 °C in the washing machine. This means that it can be washed with the cooking laundry without hesitation.

Is the Vita Schlaf Bio de Luxe duvet suitable for tumble drying?

According to the manufacturer, this duvet of the brand Vita is dryer-proof and can therefore be safely placed in the dryer. It can also be washed up to 60 °C.

How is the Bedsure EUA9D6AW1SG duvet filled?

The bedspread of the company Bedsure is equipped with 100% microfiber filling. Due to the quilted surface of the ceiling, the filling is evenly distributed.

What grades did the individual duvets receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal duvet test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Amazinggirl duvet by Amazinggirl – exemplary internet price: 21 Euro

Second place – good: Swiss stone pine blanket light from Hefel Wellness – exemplary Internet price: 126 Euro

Third place – good: Lech 283124 by Erwin Müller – exemplary Internet price: 99 Euro

Fourth place – good: third of life Aero ActiveClima duvet from a Third of Life – exemplary Internet price: 150 Euro

Fifth place – good: VitaloBett Year-round down duvets from VitaloBett – exemplary internet price: 219 Euro

Sixth place – good: Vital Plus Duo bed by Centa Star – exemplary Internet price: 189 Euro

Seventh place – very good: Billerbeck King Uno Medium Mono by Billerbeck – exemplary Internet price: 78 Euro

Eighth place – very good: Quilt by DecoKing – exemplary Internet price: 21 Euro

Ninth place – very good: sleeping 190042 Basic 160 by sleeping – exemplary Internet price: 30 Euro

Tenth place – very good: Duvet by Utopia Bedding – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

The list shows: Of the 17 different manufacturers, the duvets are divided into 11 “very good” duvets and 6 “good” duvets. The comparison winner Amazinggirl duvet by Amazinggirl received the best award among all grades in the ranking and costs only 20.99 euros at the same time.

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How many different manufacturers were compared and graded by the editors in the duvet comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 17 different duvets from 17 manufacturers to give you the best product selection.

How much do the best duvets cost in the duvet comparison?

The best product in the duvet comparison, our comparison winner Böhmerwald Komfort 309600-20 from Böhmerwald, you get for 135,59 Euro. However, do bed bug kill if you don’t want to spend so much money on a duvet, you can orient yourself to our price-performance winner Prima of Paradise.

Which of the duvets is rated and described by a large number of customers?

The duvet from Utopia Bedding is particularly well-known because over 20208 customers have given their first impressions after the purchase and rated the duvet of Utopia Bedding.

Which duvets did the editors grade particularly well?

The editors have awarded the grade “VERY GOOD” several times and in particular identified the following 11 duvets: Šumava Comfort 309600-20 of Bohemian Forest, Bio de Luxe of Vita Schlaf, Prima of Paradise, EUA9D6AW1SG of Bedsure, Dormice 4-Seasons Duvet of Dormice, 03649730140 of Irisette, Oeko-Tex down duvet of World of Dreams, sleeping 190042 Basic 160 of sleeping, duvet by Utopia Bedding, Billerbeck King Uno Medium Mono by Billerbeck and quilt by DecoKing

What similar items have consumers who put a duvet in their shopping cart still looked at?

Before buying a duvet, customers often looked at other duvet sizes, plush, and quilt.

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