Young Justice Season 4: Release date, Plot, Cast and All Other Info

Introduction of young justice

Young justice is an American super hero. This is an animated character. The two persons named as Brandon and Greg Weisman made this character. This character is a super hero and make for the cartoon network. It is not a comic series, it is a superhero story. This is very hit among people. The story is super hero of teenage and young adult. The series story is based on superhero. A team works for it and did this job.

Young justice season 4: release date

The release date of young justice is yet confirmed but the people are no longer interested as they were for the 3rd season. On the 1st and 2nd time people were very excited. They also very excited and waited for the 3rd season. But now they are not showing much interest in it.

 In this year of 2021 it is announced that the young justice is on the way to production. Nine episodes are completed and the six are remaining which are under production. Weisman also stated that almost the episodes are at ending so there are chances that may be it will release in the end of 2021 or in the start of 2022 year. The final date is not confirmed. But it is confirmed that it has total 26 episodes in it. And it will premiere on HBO max.

Plot of young justice

There is not any explanation or any hint about the young justice story. The short teaser is released on the HBO max. However in the official teaser of young justice some of the hints are given which are as “phantom could hint that there is some kind of ghost from the past. In the last episode of young justice season 2 fan’s favorite character Wally West died. Now people are assuming or make guess that in this season might possible that it will come back. In the season three there were some clues and same as expecting for the season four. But for the season three people were more excited than now.

Young justice season 4 production status

On the 20th July 2019 it was announced that the DC universe has decided to play the series of young justice season 4. But at that time the season 4 was in production. The story of season 4 is not yet completed but people do not show some energetic response about it. Weisman and Vietti stated that season 4 is based on small group of characters and all these characters are taken according the fan following demand on season 1. They said that there will 26 episodes of season four and another time jump.

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It was also stated that the name of this season will be Young Justice: Phantom. All the voice recordings are done separately by the voice actors instead of group form. On the twitter, a lot of information is shared by Weisman regarding to season four. He also announced that on the 23rd of November all the episodes were scripted and last two are in production which is partially done.

The possible plot of young justice season 4

It is said that the season 4 have many clues and hints. The series has shown its value to the viewers. When the 3rd season is about to end it gave some hint for the next season. The biggest and most important hint was the last scene of season 3. In the last scene of season 3 the waitress was wearing a ring this was a direct hint that she is the member of legion of superheroes.

It is believed now the she was Saturn girl. Saturn girl means that she is the member of legion’s founding. The legion is the group of those super heroes of time travelling which are from distant future while the others are from the present. It is believed from legions that there is some disturbance in present. On the top of all this a character Red Hood is confusing the audience by his reappearance.

The other side is also shown that Wally West who was dead in the previous season came back. The Wally west came back with a story line as it is described rebirth of this character due to the comic. People like and love this character. So, in season 4 they decided to reappearance of this character. Like the other previous seasons, in the season four there is also some time jump. The cast of season four is more expensive than the previous. The material of fourth season is so rich than the previous. In this they can go in any direction and they also add the new characters in the young justice season four.

Some Interesting facts to know about young justice season 4

Young Justice is known for its impressive storytelling, engaging characters, and superb animation. The show has been a fan favorite since it premiered in 2010 and has gained a massive following. Here are some interesting facts to know about Young Justice Season 4:

  • The season is titled Young Justice: Phantoms, and it premiered on November 19, 2021, on HBO Max.
  • The show takes place in the DC Universe. It follows the adventures of teenage superheroes like Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad.
  • Season 4 has a time jump of two years, so the characters have grown and changed since the last season.
  • The show features new characters like Arrowette, Spoiler, and Traci Thirteen, who join the team of young superheroes.
  • Young Justice: Phantoms explores mature themes like mental health and trauma, making it an even more compelling and emotionally resonant show.
  • Many original voice actors return for the new season, including Jesse McCartney as Nightwing, Khary Payton as Black Lightning, and Jason Spisak as Kid Flash.
  • The season features a crossover with the HBO Max series Doom Patrol, with the characters appearing in an episode titled “Doom Patrol Patrol.”

Cancellation of young justice

When the Weisman has been released the season 2, the ending episodes were on the way. The rumors spread all over that the young justice has been cancelled. This was not only the rumors but a truth. After this the owner of channel cartoon network has decided that no more will this season play.

Episode titles

In the previous season the name of the episodes were different. People do not like them so much. As in the season 2 every episode has different name. But it was not a good idea. Later on when the 3rd season released they decided that every episode has a single word name. The word is described the hint which is going to be done the episode. This was a very good idea. The mystery of the season 3 remains constant throughout the season. As the people were curious by reading the hint, that what will be expose in the episode. The theme is not followed in previous or next episodes.


Young justice season 4 has been released on the 21 October. But this date is not confirm yet. The young justice has total 26 episodes. The name of this season is “young justice: phantom”.

Frequently asked questions

Is 3rd season of young justice on Netflix?

No, it is not on Netflix.

Where the young justice is available?

It is streaming on the HBO max.

Which season is more interesting?

3rd season is more interesting than others.

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