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3 Steps to Follow to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga cannot be mastered in a few months or years. And it is not just a practice or training; it is a combination of Learning meditation and body movements. Yoga teaches you to understand your own body and mind and then increase the strength that binds them. How to become an excellent yoga teacher? By following these steps you can become a yoga teacher.

The pandemic has caused a lot of psychological scars on people, and yoga is one of the most sought after practices in Australia. As such, some love doing yoga, and some love imparting ancient knowledge to others. Meanwhile, anyone can become a yoga teacher, but they have to fulfill a few requirements first. And you can get proper yoga teacher training in Sydney, and there are a few more steps you need to complete to become a full-time yoga instructor.

Whether it’s Sydney or any other city, you need to do certain things to become a yoga teacher and get certified by a certifying authority. Statistics show that Generation Y (people born between 1976-1990) participated (749,000) in yoga and related activities more than any generation. The millennials (520,000) also realised the importance of yoga and are now enrolling in yoga classes nearby.

Surveys show that Sydney has at least 5.312 million residents, and a small percentage (32%) of them are seniors that require assistance for their daily activities. Usually, they are sent to one of the 478 well-known aged care facilities in Sydney so that other people do not have to worry about them. But if you have seniors living in your home and you do not want them to leave home, it would be best to introduce them to yoga.

The millennials in Sydney aged between 20 to 44 make up 38% of the population, and they are actively involved in exercise and other physical activities, especially after the pandemic.

So the article will list the steps you must take to become a professional/certified yoga teacher.

Follow these steps o become a certified yoga teacher:

Decide your yoga style.

Yes, there are different yoga styles. All these are variations of yoga such as Vinyasa yoga, Gentle yoga, Bikram yoga, Hot yoga, Yin yoga, Sivananda Ashtanga, and Hath yoga. You have to understand the yoga style you like and the one you can teach. Suppose you are going to teach retired and older adults, then Gentle yoga is the best option. Vinyasa yoga will be a good choice for youth and people from urban settings. Above all, you need to learn what you like, and there are no restrictions on learning all other types.

Complete a minimum of 200-hours of yoga practice

The Yoga Alliance Guidelines suggest that you must at least practice a 200-hour program to learn yoga forms and postures. Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit member trade and professional organization for yoga instructors. The Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) diploma is fully accredited/registered internationally with the Yoga Alliance and nationally with Yoga Australia.

After completing yoga teacher training in Sydney, you can become a certified yoga instructor; you could earn up to $51.54 per hour, which is the average salary of a yoga instructor. And if you complete a 300 or 500-hour training program, you can earn more per hour. People participating in yoga have been increasing every year, and before the pandemic, the statistics show that around 2.18 million people were practising yoga in the country.

Apply for an RYT certification

After completing the 200-hour program, you can apply for the RYT credentials, i.e., Registered Yoga Teacher. When you meet all these necessities, you will have:

  • An international certification
  • Can access workshops online and keep yourself up-to-date
  • Inclusion into the RYT directory (then you can market yourself)
  • You’ll be invited to community events hosted in your city
  • Discounts on products related to yoga
  • Subscriptions and access to publications on yoga

Apart from these, you can get CPR which will let you work with other NGOs like RedCross. Later, you can start practising and make some money.

Follow these steps and become a reputed and certified yoga instructor.

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