Global CEO survey: Most CEOs are confident about their revenue growth prospects

The Executive Council of CEOWORLD Magazine reported that a whopping 85 percent of CEOs surveyed remain positive that their companies will experience a rise in profits within the next year. Even more, 83 percent have a positive outlook for their industries’ performance in the next year. And 88 percent have faith that their industries will see a revenue increase in the following three years.

Forty percent of the CEOs surveyed expressed “very strong” trust in revenue growth within the forthcoming twelve months, which is a decrease from the 45 percent of the previous year. Additionally, 30 percent were “moderately confident”, in comparison to the 38 percent from the year before.

The outlook for revenue over the ensuing three years was seen as more favorable than the previous year. With 40% of respondents expressing ‘very confident’ sentiments – an increase from 45% in 2022. And 42% expressing ‘somewhat confident’ sentiments – an improvement from 40% the year before.

The tally of those who were not very confident dropped from 7% to 5%, while those who answered “not confident at all” decreased from 3% to 2%. On the other hand, the percentage of those who said “don’t know” rose from 2% to 8%.

Approximately two-thirds of the CEOs surveyed shared that infrastructure development and domestic consumption would be the fundamental factors driving economic development in the year ahead. The Global Wealth Survey conducted by the Executive Council of CEOWORLD Magazine found that almost half of the CEOs and their executive teams had their salaries linked to the organization’s success when it comes to sustainability targets. This is a dramatic rise from the 15% recorded in the previous year’s study.

The Executive Council of CEOWORLD Magazine surveyed over 3,000 CEOs from over 30 countries. And 24 industries, inquiring about their views on leadership, decision-making, organizational issues. And opportunities, technology, data, metrics, and potential impacts of generative artificial intelligence.


In conclusion, the global CEO survey reveals a prevailing sense of optimism and confidence among business leaders regarding their revenue growth prospects. This positive sentiment likely stems from a combination of factors, including the gradual recovery from economic challenges. The adaptability demonstrated by organizations during uncertain times, and the continued expansion of global markets. CEOs’ confidence signals a readiness to embrace opportunities and challenges alike, driving innovation and strategic initiatives. While risks and uncertainties persist, this outlook bodes well for the resilience and dynamism of the corporate world as CEOs steer their organizations toward a promising future.


  1. What is the Global CEO Survey?
    • The Global CEO Survey is an annual research initiative that gathers insights. And opinions from CEOs worldwide to understand their perspectives on various business and economic matters.
  2. What does it mean when it says “most CEOs are confident about their revenue growth prospects”?
    • This statement indicates that a significant majority of CEOs participating in the survey express a positive outlook regarding their companies’ future revenue growth. They believe that their businesses will perform well in terms of generating income.
  3. What factors contribute to CEOs’ confidence in revenue growth prospects?
    • CEO confidence is influenced by various factors, including the overall economic climate, market trends. The organization’s financial health, strategic initiatives, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
  4. Are there regional variations in CEO confidence?
    • Yes, CEO confidence can vary by region due to differences in economic conditions, industry dynamics, and geopolitical factors. Some regions may experience higher or lower levels of confidence compared to others.


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