Each And Everything You Should Need To Know About Soft Boy Style

Soft Boy Style

A soft boy is simply a young male who embraces clothing, hobbies, traits, and an overall aesthetic that is considered feminine. Smooth boys were born on TikTok and their edgier counterparts, E-boys. K-Pop and social media heavily influence it. It is popular with Gen Z. The soft boy fashion style is most popular in the spring because it features pastel colors, floral prints, and flowing fabrics.

Soft boys usually have creative hobbies such as art, photography, music, poetry, and philosophy. Many can be found at museums, concerts, libraries, and hip bars. However, beware! The stereotypical nice guy (a dating app slang term for soft boys) is notorious for breaking hearts.

What is soft boy fashion?

Similar to the e-boy design, soft boys’ looks feature traditionally feminine shapes, short hair, and often a floppy hairdo. As they experiment with more androgynous forms of expression, K-pop boyband esthetics are primarily responsible for the fashion connected with soft lads. BTS is a K-pop band.

What is the personality of the soft boy?

Urban Dictionary, the ultimate authority on contemporary language, describes a soft boy as “akin to a clever boy and without the cocky attitude.” he is different from the clever boy in that he targets the mind & emotions as opposed to merely the physical form.

Soft boy aesthetic

The soft boy aesthetic first appeared online in the late 2010s. E-boys and soothing boy aesthetics are considered part of the same internet subculture. On social media sites like Tumbler, Instagram, and TikTok in 2022, this trend quickly gained widespread popularity among Gen Z audiences. Celebrities like Jaden Smith, Timothies Chalmette, and Harry Styles also made the song famous.

A discussion of soft boy aesthetics would not be complete without mentioning K-Pop. Even though the aesthetic has gained worldwide acclaim only in recent years, it has been popular in South Korea’s K-Pop world for a long time. It’s common to see K-Pop idols wearing feminine colors and fabrics, as well as bleach blonde or pastel hair. The ‘sensitive guy role is usually played by one of the soft boys in most popular K-Pop groups today.

How to get soft boy style?

There are many ways to create this look, but key features include pastel colors for clothing, accessories, and hair. If you want to wear light colors, you can choose white, pink, blue, green, etc. 

In this type of fashion, we recommend avoiding dark or bright colors! Add patterns to the clothes or accessories to make this style more boyish. Colorful accessories are also crucial for this type of fashion. A soft boy hairstyle is typically a short haircut for men, but if you want to dye your hair into a pastel color, it’s your choice because that’s another critical aspect of a soft boy style.

How to dress like a soft boy?

The soft boy style plays with traditionally feminine styles, colors, and fabrics. It incorporates several romantic, vintage-inspired techniques. There are often smooth boys wearing sweaters and jackets with fluffy linings and shirts that look like blouses. 

This aesthetic playfully plays with classic menswear tailoring by using rich fabrics and bold colors in more formal settings. A slim-fit suit with cropped trousers in a brightly colored or velvet fabric is typical of men in this position. For the perfect soft boy look, you’ll need the following:

Accessories for Soft Boy.

They use accessories to make themselves appear more artistic and scholarly. It’s common to see them wearing wire-rimmed glasses, chain necklaces, gold rings, and retro watches. Additionally, they love hats: bucket hats, rolled-up beanies, and pastel baseball caps.


Classic sneakers in simple colors are their favorites. In 2023, you can choose among Nike Air Forces, Converse high tops, Vans slip-ons, and Adidas Stan Smiths. The more beaten up and worn in, the better. White tube socks are almost always worn with soft boys’ sneakers, and their pants are usually cuffed to display them.

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The softest boy hair

You don’t see many soft boys with short hair. Most of them grow their hair out to a medium length. Consider Timothee Chalamet or Harry Styles’ floppy curls and shaggy haircut. Soft boys sometimes dye their hair bleach blonde or a pastel color inspired by K-Pop.

Soft boy style outfits

It’s surprising how easy it is to recreate soft boy outfits. In addition, most of them are incredibly comfortable thanks to their oversized fit and soft fabrics. A striped long sleeve t-shirt looks great paired with black or light wash skinny jeans and a pair of crisp white sneakers. Cuff your pants and accessorize generously. Layering a striped tee over a long-sleeved white tee is a favorite of some soft boys. Ensure that your tees are oversized and vintage.

Put on a crewneck sweater over a denim jacket and cropped trousers for a cold-weather-friendly look. Add a belt, sneakers, and tube socks to complete the look. The soft boys often wear white button-downs and pastel polo shirts underneath their sweatshirts and sweaters.

Soft boys also wear flannels, cardigans, and retro windbreakers in addition to denim jackets. Wear your coat open with a white t-shirt and black chino pants with cuffs. Your shirt should be tucked in, and you should wear a belt. A rolled-up hat and chain necklaces complete the look.

What are the benefits of the soft boy style?

Among the many benefits of this style for men is that it is easy to pull off! You need to find clothes in light/pastel colors and wear them with bright accessories. This style is unique because when people see your outfit, they won’t instantly know if it’s feminine or masculine since it has elements from both genders!

In addition to becoming a social media trend, the soft boy style has already been worn by many men in various ways that can easily be found online, which can be used as inspiration when trying to achieve this look.


What do you do to achieve a soft boy aesthetic?

With suitable clothing, a soft boy can achieve an aesthetic characteristic. You have become a smooth boy if you are willing to set aside your masculinity and wear vibrant colors and fabrics associated with women.

How should a soft boy dress?

To become a soft boy, you’ll need a few essential pieces of clothing. Here are the items you’ll need. You need to invest a lot of time to achieve the quiet boy look, especially if you are new to it. There are, however, cheaper options available as well.

How would you describe being a soft boy?

Becoming a soft boy can break the stereotype of being a hard man. As an alternative, you decide to wear clothes that make you happy. This look has gained considerable popularity over the years, and it seems unlikely to fade away soon.

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