How to Make Concrete In Minecraft? A Step-by-Step Guide for Making Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete in minecraft

Concrete is a mixture of materials. The materials are water, gravel, cement and sand. The mixture is prepared and then placed for some time to harden. The material is used to make blocks in buildings. Concrete is manmade material which is widely used in construction of buildings. Concrete is a hard building material. Concrete is of different types. Concrete is a durable and colorful material which can use in building materials. The concrete is slightly harder than the stones.

Materials you will need to make concrete are given below.

  • Four blocks of dye
  • Four blocks of gravel
  • Water


This gravel can be found near the water pools, in mountains or in ponds. To make the eight blocks of concrete you just need the four block of gravel. Similarly sand block are also used in the formation of concrete. These can be found in the desert and in water bodies like ponds, lake and rivers.


You have many options to choose a dye. You can choose according to your choice. In the mine craft it can be made by 16 colors of dyes. These are orange, red, green, yellow, lime, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, brown, black, grey, white or light grey. The dye can be chooses according to your choice. There is no single chance that you can choose the single dye. Always mix the dye and get your desired color.

Water source

Water source is another important ingredient. Water is used to harden the material. But it is important that the water is used from the river and ocean. You cannot take water from the bottle or rain water.

How to make concrete in minecraft?

In Minecraft, concrete is a solid block that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as building walls, floors, and other structures. The process of making concrete in Minecraft is relatively simple and requires a few key ingredients. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make concrete in Minecraft:

Gather materials – You will need sand, gravel, and either white or colored dye to create the concrete powder.

Create the concrete powder – Combine four blocks of sand, four blocks of gravel, and one piece of white or colored dye in a crafting table. This will create eight blocks of concrete powder.

Place the concrete powder – Place the concrete powder in a two-block high column where you want to create the concrete.

Add water – Pour water onto the concrete powder. The water will turn the powder into solid concrete blocks.

Wait for the concrete to dry – The concrete will take a few minutes to dry and turn into a solid block.

Collect the concrete – Once the concrete has dried, you can collect it with any tool that can break blocks, such as a pickaxe.

By following these steps, you can easily create concrete blocks in Minecraft and use them for your building projects.

To make a concrete block you need different type of blocks. Water, gravel, sand and some dyes are needed to make the block of concrete. This mixture is manmade. This is the most easy and reliable method to make the building material.

Recipe of concrete powder

First you need to collect all the ingredients. Then the next step is to mix all of them. You just want to need 4 pieces of gravel, 4 pieces of sand and one dye color (the color which you want to get on the concrete). Once you have done by collecting all the material, gathered them and place in order. If you placed all these correctly, then you have now eight pieces of concrete powder in your inventory.

How to get concrete block in minecraft?

Once you have the concrete in your hand then your next work is to set them along their sizes and shapes. To get this order follow the steps. These steps are stated given below.

  • Obtain the concrete powder. This is the easiest work you can do in the process of mine craft. The first step is to gather or collect the powder.
  • Now the next step is find the natural water on the map.
  • Now placed all the blocks in the water. Placed them in such a way that all the blocks submerged in water.
  • Now after that the concrete will turn in to the pixilated pattern and converted in to solid color. It depend on you that what you want to choose.
  • The process is done. The concrete is ready to place in the position where you want.

It is the important part that you cannot use the rain water or from bottle or any other this type of source. It is compulsory that you have to place your blocks in the river or in the oceans.

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Different type concrete in minecraft

There are different types of minecraft you can make. These are as given below.

  • White concrete
  • Black concrete
  • Gray concrete

How to make white concrete in minecraft

If you want to make a white concrete in mine craft then it is very simple and easy. You just have to take the white dye in your hand. You just need two items to make the concrete. Follow the given below steps to make the white concrete in mine craft.

  • Convert the bones through the crafting window.
  • Player can also use lily to create the dye. Find the rare flower forest biome and use it.
  • With these items you can make the white powder concrete. Repeat the above mentioned process.

How to make black concrete in mine craft

Some of the most common type of concrete in mine craft is black color dye. You can get the black color dye by the help of underwater friend.

  • Find the squid and the water bodies in the game.
  • Kill the squid.
  • You will receive the ink sac after killing the squid.
  • Now the next step is to repeat the process as mentioned above but the important part is place the Ink Sac in the center. The black concrete is ready.

The black concrete is ready by this process and now it is ready to use for the further process. The color of black concrete is cool that is it why it is most commonly used.

How to make gray concrete in mine craft

Gary concrete in mine craft can be made by mixing the two dyes white and the black. You have to mix the Ink Sac and the Bone meal and the gray concrete is ready. Here are some steps by which gray concrete can be ready are given below.

  • Obtain the Ink Sac and Bone meal and then mix the ingredients.
  • By using the crafting window combine these two items.
  • Repeat the process which is mentioned above. The gray concrete in mine craft is ready to use after this process.

Now the concrete is ready to use. You can place or use the concrete in the buildings and also can add more features in future.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can we use concrete of different color?

Yes, you can choose different dyes.

Which is the most common concrete used?

Black is the most common used concrete.

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