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How To Program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener? A Complete Guide

We take automatic garage doors for granted because of their convenience. During the rain, we rely on our door openers to get in and out safely, protect our cars and homes, and provide more convenience.

In less than a minute, you can program the remote! You can program most garage door openers by following these instructions.

What is chamberlain garage door opener?

The first thing you should understand about the Chamberlain Group’s products is that these are all capable of sending rolling codes. This protects your home security since it makes it harder for intruders to break into your garage by using old radio signals to copy the signal sent from your remote controlled garage door opener.

Most people don’t realize that their existing garage door opener was programmed when they bought the unit. This means that every time you replaced or changed something with your existing automatic door, you will have to re-program it.

How to program chamberlain garage door opener?

To make sure that your chamberlain garage door opener will function properly, you should follow the instructions. Make sure that there is power getting into your garage door motor by plugging the device directly into an outlet so you don’t have to use any extension cord.

1. Opening motor unit                               

Open the motor unit’s keypad cover and locate your personal access code in one of two places, on a sticker affixed to the back side of the keypad or in your owner’s manual. If you cannot find it, turn off the power to your garage door opener at the circuit breaker and remove the key from its place in a nearby wall control button or remote control. Then, look for more info on an inside label on top of the unit (a model number would also be helpful).

2. Enter the programming mode

Enter programming mode by pushing “Program” if this is not done automatically once you enter your five-digit code into the unit. As long as the red light (indicating that it is in programming mode) and the green light both remain illuminated, you can start entering your code.

3. Enter you code

Enter your code, one digit at a time, pausing between each entry for five seconds to make sure the device initializes properly before moving on to the next number. If entering more than one digit at a time results in an error tone sounding from the motor unit, push the “Clear” button and try again.

4. Special instructions

Once you have successfully entered your code, take note of any special instructions for how to use your unit if there are any extras in addition to standard garage door controls such as resetting security codes or activating motion sensors until receiving proper training. If you are unsure, consult your owner’s manual or manufacturer before trying anything yourself.

5. Program the red button

Push the red button after entering your code to exit programming mode and test your new door opener installation by raising or lowering your garage door manually with the switch located within arm’s reach of the unit. Then, close it again without changing any settings. If all goes well, lock your keypad by pushing “Clear” followed by “Lock”.

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6. Place the key at safe place

Remove the key from its place on top of the garage door motor unit once you are certain that all buttons work properly and that no further adjustments need to be made for safety purposes such as reversing a jammed door when in operation (if this is even possible). Keep it with you along with your new code as a backup in case you ever need to use it.

7. Checking all the functions

Test your knowledge of how to program a Chamberlain remote control by entering your code into another unit and seeing if that works as well first on a temporary basis then permanently once all settings are complete and saved correctly. You can also try it on other makes and models of garage door openers from different companies too. This is not required but will help ensure nothing went wrong during programming so try this every time afterward just in case.

8. Use universal garage opener

Try going to a local hardware store or home improvement retailer and buying a universal garage door opener remote control that works with your new system if you can find one so you do not have to keep track of multiple remotes for every different model of Chamberlain garage door openers you own.

Some universal models may require an extra step or two to get them working unless they are compatible from the start, but at least it is worth a shot before trying other alternatives such as replacing the unit entirely especially if yours has been discontinued over time like these sockets sometimes go bad and need replacement (i.e., model no longer made).

9. Protect your data

Keep your instructions somewhere safe in case you ever forget how to program a Chamberlain garage door opener should you ever need to use it again. The owner’s manual should suffice for this purpose, but if not then other places can be used as well such as taping an extra copy on top of the motor unit itself.

Instructions for old garage door opener

Note that models for older door openers also exist if your garage door opener model is extremely old according to its brand name and is no longer in production even when trying to find a universal remote control replacement or when browsing through replacement parts on websites, then use the best one. These devices may still work with some touch-up efforts including reprogramming them which can save money in certain cases so contact customer service before writing any of these obsolete units off completely just in case they provide information about this process too.


Finally, consider replacing your Chamberlain garage door opener remote control unit after some time if it starts giving you problems or does not work at all when trying to set the code for the first time with either your existing unit or a new universal remote made by another company most likely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we replace or reset the garage opener?

Yes, we can reset and also replace the garage opener.

Is it difficult to program garage door opener?

No, it is not too much difficult to program the garage door opener. You do not need any expert if you follow the instructions correctly.

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