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Review of the Bumper Car, Electric Baby Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars are a great value for their price. The price is well justified. You can also customize the bumper cars with stickers or other color options. The kids will have more fun riding on the same carpet if they buy more than one. Tobbi also offers a faster version, which is listed below.

You have found the right vehicle for your child aged 1 1/2-6 years. You can multiply the Bumper cars to make it more fun.

They can spin 360 degrees using simple joysticks that can be used by both of your hands. Let’s take a closer look at them to see how we can customize each one.

These amazing 6V electric ride-on bumper cars will be assembled. You can select different colors if you buy more than one.

Each sticker number is 00-99, so they can all be unique for each child who gets them.


The colors are vibrant and have lights that flash and blink different colors. For when it’s time for recharge, the charger is located right below the power switch.


They are anti-flat so they won’t ever fall apart. They will perform well as long you don’t exceed the recommended Kidzone bumper car weight limit of 66 pounds.


These seat belts for adult that will keep your child safe as they move around the living or kitchen. Keep things out of reach so that there are no hazards.

The carpet handles running well so you don’t have to be concerned about it. To make sure that they don’t do anything wrong, you will need to keep an eye on them.

They should not be allowed to drive on the steps or near a pool. They will fit in the bumper car very well so they might never want to get out.


Although the Kidzone bumper cars aren’t very fast, it’s okay. They’re designed for children younger than 10, so a speed of.75 MPH might be enough. These bumper cars work well indoors, so it’s good to keep them from moving too fast.


The weight limit for the bumper car is 66 pounds.

These are only for one rider, so if you have more than one child riding the bike, it is best to buy two.


The bottom has colored lights that flash and there are many entertainment options. These are great fun to drive. They use two joysticks for movement and have a bumper to protect them.

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