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Tips On How To Remove A Popcorn Ceiling Faster And Easier

The popcorn ceiling was in fashion back in the ’60s and ’70s. But the popcorn ceilings trend was one of the trends that did not go well. After some time, people started to realize its drawbacks. The irregular surface of the popcorn ceilings entraps a lot of dust and cobwebs. The real problem is to clean the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. The primary purpose of the popcorn ceiling was to absorb unnecessary sounds from above or to hide defects in the ceiling.

Here are some tips by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Arlington TX,for popcorn ceiling removal.

Scrap The Ceiling

Take a scraper and scrape a small portion of the popcorn ceiling as a test. If your ceiling is old, then you can easily remove the dry ceiling, but sometimes the ceiling is hard, and it does not come off easily. In such a case, spray some water on the ceiling to make it wet and then try to scrape it. This time the ceiling will come off easily. Even sometimes, this method does not work, and then you have to go for other options like covering the ceiling with something else.

Asbestos Ceiling

The material used in your ceiling can also affect your decision of whether you should remove the ceiling or not. Asbestos can lead to lung cancer, so removing such popcorn ceilings can be dangerous. In such a problem, you can either opt to cover the ceiling with wood planks or hire a professional team to help you remove the ceiling carefully.

Cover The Walls

Now it’s time to prepare your room for removing the popcorn ceiling as it is a messy task. Cover the walls with plastic drop sheets. The good thing about the plastic drop sheets is that you can use the same drop sheets for repairing the ceiling and painting it. After the whole task is done, you can remove these sheets and throw them in the garbage.

Remove The Furniture

The most common mistake that most people make is that they do not remove the furniture from the room and cover it with a drop cloth. It will keep your furniture clean, but it will cause hindrance in your work. You have to adjust your ladder around the furniture to remove the ceiling, which will slow down your pace.

Remove Ceiling Fixtures

You might be thinking that ceiling fixtures like fans and light bulbs won’t cause any hindrance during the popcorn ceiling removal, then it’s wrong. It will become difficult to remove the ceiling around those fixtures, especially if you are using the wet method, as you do not want to spray water on any of the fixtures. It can also drop on the fixtures, which can be tiring to remove, so it is better to remove any ceiling fixtures.

Use Pump Sprayer

Use your garden pump sprayer to wet the ceiling. It will make the job very easy. Remember that you only have to wet the ceiling slightly; otherwise, it can damage the ceiling. After wetting the ceiling, wait for at least 15 minutes and then start scraping it.

Ensure that you have covered all the electrical boxes with tape to keep the wiring dry.

Divide The Task Into Small Portions

It is not a good option to start scraping the whole ceiling altogether. You have to divide the ceiling into small portions of 4*4 or 3*3. Keep in mind that you have to make only that portion wet; otherwise, the ceiling will start to dry after some time, and you have to spray it again and wait for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Use A Mud Pan

Using a mud pan can be very helpful. You can drop all the scraped popcorn ceiling into that pan to avoid any mess on the floor. This mud pan can also be used to clean the scraper edges.

Grind The Corners OF Scraper

Making the corner of the scraper round is a wise choice. It will prevent your ceiling from any further damage. The more the ceiling is damaged, the more difficult it will become to repair it. You can make the corners of the scraper round with the help of a putty knife or a grinder.

Make The Ceiling Completely Smooth

After removing the popcorn ceiling still, your ceiling won’t be ready for paint. Now you have to sand the ceiling to make it perfectly smooth.

In A Nutshell

Removing a popcorn ceiling might look strenuous, but it is not. You have to follow all the tips mentioned above to make the task easy, perfect, and smooth. If you are stuck somewhere, getting a professional’s opinion is a good option.

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