The Correct Way to Remove Nail Polish with Nail Polish Removers

Everyone loves a good manicure, but it’s time to remove your nail polish with nail polish removers when it comes to changing the look. Of course, removing nail polish isn’t very exciting, but you need to do it properly. 

Please remember that to prevent any damage to the nails, it is essential to use the correct nail polish remover for your manicure. A good quality nail polish remover is crucial as it can affect the appearance and health of your nails. 

A nail polish remover aims to soften polishes, treatments, or hardeners so that you can remove the coat on the nail effortlessly. 

Ingredients such as acetone, ethyl acetate, etc., are in nail polish removers. Usually, nail polish removers come in two different types: 

Acetone Removers

Acetone based removers are harsher and remove the polish faster. However, these removers can dry your cuticles and make the nails slightly brittle. If you prefer to use acetone-based removers, it is also essential to properly care for your cuticles. 

Non-Acetone Removers

Non-Acetone Removers contain ethyl acetate as their main ingredient. They are gentler on the skin and are suitable for nail extensions. In addition, non-Acetone Removers prevent your nails from becoming brittle.

Types of nail polish removers

There are several types of nail polish removers available on the market, such as:

Liquid Nail Polish Removers

These are the most common types and are readily available online or in makeup stores. It is easy to use, and you just need to soak a piece of cotton or a cotton pad in the remover and gently wipe off the product. 

Nail Polish Remover Wipes

These are more convenient as they already come pre-soaked in a non-acetone-based remover. This type of remover is excellent because the wipes are full of nourishing ingredients. These contain olive oil and vitamin E, promoting nail health and growth. 

Nail Polish Remover Sponge

These removers come in jars that contain a sponge soaked in nail polish remover. It is effortless to use since all you need to do is dip each finger one at a time in the jar. It is a suitable method since it ensures you remove the nail polish, even the stubborn little bits in the corners. 

Moisturising Nail Polish Removers

These formulas usually combine non-acetone-based nail polish remover and nail care moisturizers. It ensures that your nails don’t dry out after removing a manicure. So it efficiently removes the nail polish while moisturising the cuticles and the skin around your nails. 

How to remove nail polish

Now here are the correct ways to remove different types of nail polish:

Removing a Gel Nail Polish Manicure.

  • First, you need to file the nails gently, making it easier for all the polish to come off. 
  • Then soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with an acetone-based remover, place them on each nail and then cover the tips of your fingers with foil. It prevents the nail polish remover from evaporating too quickly. 
  • Let them soak for around 15 minutes, then gently wipe off. Follow up with cuticle oil for perfectly nourished nails.

Use this technique to remove glitter nail polishes, often very hard to wipe off cleanly. You can also use it to remove a manicure with more than one layer of nail polish.

To remove Acrylic Polishes.

This process takes longer, but it is essential to do it correctly. If you do not remove an acrylic manicure properly, it can seriously damage the nails. 

  • You need any nail polish remover, a bowl and tweezers. If you are using an acetone-based remover, make sure you prep by applying petroleum jelly on the skin next to your nails to protect it from drying out. 
  • To remove your acrylic manicure, soak your nails in remover for 25-30 minutes. 
  • After this, check if the nails have separated and remove them using the tweezer. 

It is usually recommended not to try and remove an acrylic manicure at home and go to the salon where you got it professionally done.

Nail Care 101

Your nails deserve love and care as well. Thus, it is essential to properly prep your nails before a manicure, take care of them, and nourish them AFTER a manicure. Make sure you trim them properly and push back the cuticles very gently using a cuticle stick. After removing a manicure, you can apply a coat of any nail strengthener and let your natural nails shine through before you repaint them. 

Popular nail polish remover brands in the market!

Here are a few recommended brands of nail polish removers: 


The Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover. It is a non-acetone-based remover with a milder scent. It also contains enriching ingredients such as vitamin B5. We love this made-in-India brand. 

Health & Glow

The H&G Argan Oil Nail Polish remover is an acetone-free nail enamel remover enriched with vitamin E and argan oil. It ensures all color is removed in one stroke while the argan oil makes your cuticles supple and your nails strong. 


The Lakme nail polish remover is an acetone-based remover that does the job well. We recommend this for darker nail polish colors as they usually leave a stain on the nails. 

These nail polish removers and other nail care products are available online on our favorite website, Health & Glow.

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