What Laptop Should I Get? Top 12 Things To Consider

Which laptop should I purchase? It is a difficult question. If you want an answer to this question, you’ll need to ask a few more questions before deciding which laptop to buy. Laptops are widely used in most professions. Gone are those days when employees would jolt down important information or write down important notes on paper. With advanced technology and the world moving faster, laptops come in handy for almost all generations of people. 

Many people are now purchasing laptops on debit card EMI. The young use it for their academic work, while the older use it for their professional career. Irrespective of who uses a laptop, it is proven that the technology used in the laptop makes one’s work more straightforward and more accessible.  

It is indeed amusing to see the different types of purposes the laptop fulfills. It brings us to the very first question one needs to ask before buying a laptop. What is the purpose of the laptop? Choosing a laptop becomes much easier once you know what you want to do with it. This blog will share the top 12 things to consider when buying a laptop. 

1. Size 

The size of the laptop makes a lot of difference to the user. If you are a person who is constantly on the move and needs to take your work along, then a small portable laptop is the best. However, if you are a person who is at the work desk most of the time, working on presentations and other detailed work that requires a larger screen, then a decent-sized  laptop with a screen size of 15 inches is good. Hence, it is best to buy a laptop depending on the requirements. Prices of laptops are also important, but with easy EMIs and better card swipe machine price available in every store, even high prices can be managed.

2. Display

It is crucial to view things clearly in today’s environment, where everything is becoming digital. Hence a laptop with a good quality display is highly recommended. Most people working 9-5 on their laptops require extra care for their eyes. They mostly strain their eyes due to the poor display quality on the screen. Hence a good quality laptop with either touchscreen or high resolution can add to the convenience of the laptop. 

3. Keyboard

Who doesn’t want an agronomic and easy-to-use keyboard? Everyone desires to have a comfortable keyboard on their hands for ease. If you give a keyboard to the person using a typewriter, only he will be able to tell you the difference in the style of typing and the comfort a keyboard provides to the hands. Hence choose a keyboard wisely to match the purpose of your laptop. 

4. CPU

If you are into multitasking, it is best to buy a laptop with a good CPU processor. One of the advantages of a good CPU is that it allows most of your work without lags or slowing the laptop. However, gamers are highly recommended to buy a laptop with Ryzen CPUs for faster processing. 

5. RAM

Laptop RAM works on simple logic. With more RAM, more applications can run on the laptop. As a result, a laptop with 8GB RAM is recommended. Nowadays, users would not be satisfied if their laptop had only 4GB of RAM.  

6. Battery life

A laptop battery is essential. Hence, it is recommended to buy or purchase a laptop with a battery that has a long life. We often underestimate the work of a battery. It not only helps the mechanism of the entire laptop for a long time, but it also supports screen brightness, screen applications, wifi networks, and a lot more. Hence, always check the battery life before purchasing a laptop for your purpose. 

Apart from the things mentioned above to consider when buying a laptop, here are some points to consider.   

8. USB-Type c

If you’re looking for a fast-charging laptop, opt for a USB-Type c charging port. 

9. Fingerprints 

Keep your data and laptop secured with a fingerprint-enabled laptop. 

10. Build quality

Always buy a sturdy and robust laptop that can withstand minor bumps and spills. 

11. Graphic card

A good graphic card is essential to run demanding programs and games. 

12. Network and connectivity

It covers Bluetooth, WiFi, and LAN networks. All these things make connectivity with other devices and networks a breeze.

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